men's fellowship

Meets every second Monday at 7pm.

Contact Billy on 082 653 4493.

The purpose of this group is to encourage, uplift, inform and enjoy our Christian journey together. The group is led by Billy Thomas and the topics of discussion are bible-based.

Although the format is casual and non-intimidating, the discussions occasionally escalate into serious, in-depth debate.

bible study

Meets every Thursday at 7pm.
Contact Mark on 083 447 6092.

This group is a mixed bunch of young, maturing and mature Christians. The meetings take place at the church and are led by Mark Dain. We have got to know each other quite well, and there is lovely feeling of friendship and trust within the group. Typically, the content focuses on a DVD sermon series by a relatable, Christian leader on a subject of religious interest.

Discussions promise to be both challenging and thought-provoking.

bible study

Meets every Wednesday at 10am

Contact Carol on 082 414 5312.

A regular group of 10 - 12 people meet every Wednesday morning at the church. The gatherings are led by Carol Vieira and start off with the Word of God and prayer. This is followed by a study of the scriptures.

Join us for plenty of interaction, discussion and fellowship.

life group

Meets every second Wednesday at 7pm.

Contact Steve on 082 468 4128 or Cedric on 083 608 3114.

A group of young-ish adults that meet fortnightly for fellowship in the home of Steve and Carol Craig. The gatherings are typically very informal - discussion unfolds organically and covers all aspects of modern Christian life.

Come willing to share an opinion over a glass or two of wine.

prayer group

Meets every Wednesday at 9am.

Contact Pam on 031-564 3369.

Christians pray alone. We pray in large groups in worship. We sometimes even fill stadiums. But often, the strongest moments of prayer come in small groups with a handful of other devoted members.

This group meets faithfully for an hour every week at the church chapel where they pray for the needs of the world.